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Month at SLAM!

We're that confident that you'll LOVE the SLAM Program, we openly provide a month free. Try it out, you have nothing to lose. 

A Results-Driven Tutoring Method

Our small group and one-on-one classes are tailored with information retention in mind. This means that once a student learns a concept with us at SLAM, it won't be forgotten!


A FREE Support System Unlike Any Other

All SLAM students have access to a weekly teaching class, alongside FREE online support (where a student can message out tutors for maths help at any time), AND up to 2 hours a week free tutoring on Saturday's (2.30-4.30PM).

This is all inclusive, and available to all students all term long. 


A FREE Trial

All SLAM students have access to a Intro Pack (Week 1) + 3 Weeks FREE tutoring. 

We're that confident you'll love it. Try it out, you have nothing to lose!

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