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We're SLAM Learning Centres.

With over 35 000  hours of tutoring experience under our belts collectively, you're sure to see results with SLAM's proven teaching techniques. 

Here's how it all started. 

Students Learning Maths, Tutoring
Students at tutor

SLAM. How did it come to fruition?

SLAM Learning Centres was founded in 2019. Our vision was simple. Create the maths tutor WE wanted throughout our schooling.


Let's be honest. There are tutoring centres in every neighbourhood. We wanted to create something different. Something students looked forward to attending. A program that genuinely worked, without our students feeling overworked. 

The goal? A program that felt like sport training or learning a new skill such as playing a musical instrument - something school aged students really enjoy. 

What does this mean for our students? Tailored, fun, effective tutoring - that students love! 

SLAM. What is our vision?

SLAM's vision is to make maths a subject that students enjoy.

We're firm believers that people of all ages are good at things they like. Be it something that stimulates the mind like puzzles or something physical like a sport. 

We apply this mentality to maths, chemistry and physics. If a student likes a subject, they are more likely to excel in that subject. 

By making maths, physics and chemistry fun, approachable, and confidence boosting, we're able to achieve truly amazing results!

SLAM. So, how do we do it?

At SLAM Learning Centres, we pride ourselves on being able to help every, and we mean every student we meet.


Our objective is simple, to get the best possible result out of every student.

We achieve this this by working closely with each student, expanding their mathematical abilities, while simultaneously positively developing each and every student's perception of maths, physics and chemistry.


Through tailor made student reporting programs, we're able to ensure that students progress each week. No questions asked. 

SLAM. Our point of difference.

Motivating, Relatable Tutors

Something we hear often about alternative tutoring is, "they're old and boring." So... we listened! Motivating, enthusiastic and more-relatable tutors is something that is important to students and us.

A Free Trial Unlike Anyone Else

To prove that this is not some "hook" or enticing "freebie", we openly provide you your first 2 weeks free.


That's right. Your first 2 weeks of full, on-site access totally free. Our program has been created for you to enjoy our services and then make a decision for yourself. We're that confident!

Fun & Exciting

Our Fun, exciting classes keep all of our students engaged and interested from start to finish, to ensure that they learn the valid information they need!

We ensure students have fun in class, and look forward to weekly lessons!

Online Support

We understand that everyone gets "stuck". Waiting for next week's class is not an option! We ask our students to utilise our free support. Online. Anytime.

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